okay so here’s what happens we get someone in from the start documenting everything leading up to our marriages, but the show actually starts once we’re married that’s visiting the vaccinettes, but it’s reality tv right so of course we have to have some serious drama going on me and jessica are kind of the wild ones krystalle is always along with us but she doesn’t get into the trouble that we do and in season one we’re totally out there and the season one finale has to end on some big cliffhanger like everyone finds out me and jessica slept together and then we come back for season two and me and justin are talking about getting a divorce and jessica and pete are estranged and krystalle and freddie are like the model couple like khloe and lamar in their better years of the kardashians ya feel like krystalle and freddie just go on dates and sigh about what a mess the rest of us are but of course we don’t get divorced but justin’s and my relationship remains tumultuous but on the plus side those years lead the band to some of their best music jessica and pete sort of mellow out and come to an agreement in their marriage but me and justin are always at odds and eventually krystalle and freddie have a kid just to keep things interesting and when the show inevitably gets canceled all the old footage of our formative years will be released as a new show called becoming the vaccinettes to console our devastated fans in the wake of cancellation